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Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle

Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle
Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle Equiline Elite Dressage Saddle
Price: $4,590.00

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** Contact us for our current special- Elite 17" Deep Seat Black**

The ELITE saddle is hand made in Italy using only naturally tanned soft calfskin-lined leather.
The Equiline ELITE Dressage saddle is available in a medium-deep seat (SD605) or the new Deep Seat (SD605E). The separate panels are better adapted to the various horses backs. The panels are filled with special memory retaining thermo-sensitive wool fibres, allowing the saddle to mould to each horse and return back to its original shape.
The Large knee blocks are attached by hook-and-loop (Velcro) to allow the rider to adjust for their perfect fit. Medium sized knee blocks are also available. Coreshield & IGS tecnologies.
Optional- Swarovski Crystals
Equiline Integrated  Gel System
The IGS (Integrated Gel System) technology, patented by Equiline, relies on three different materials:
– Seat: a synthetic polyester material which, after a special process, takes on exclusive characteristics: versatility, memory, reliability, durability. It also assures the resistance against bending and abrasion of the Equiline saddles. 
– Tree: a material made of extremely resistant and elastic composite fibres that perfectly follows the horse’s body, assuring maximum comfort for horse and rider.
– Intermediate Shock Absorber system: a group of gel pads on the Equiline saddle reduces the biomechanical tensions on the horse’s joints, favouring optimal posture.
Together, these three materials create a highly technological core which – unlike wood – is unaffected by weather changes, thus assuring seat stability over time, lightness and the possibility to adapt the saddle to the different horse shapes.

 Equiline hi-tech saddle flap grip technology

FGT (Flap Grip Technology) is a proprietary technology of Equiline. The system involves using a special rubber in the rear and lower sides of the quarter of Equiline’s saddles.
This technology assures the best adherence to the Equiline saddle, as well as perfect grip; it also allows for a significant reduction in wear of the quarter near the leg’s points of support, thereby reducing wrinkles and folding from normal use of the product.
Equiline invests in the continuous development of new products and technological materials, assuring full respect of the horse and perfect comfort of the rider.
 Equiline saddle collection and horse riding accessories
Globally active in the manufacture and sale of technical riding clothing and sportswear, Equiline is proudly launching Saddle Division, an innovative line of saddles and accessories that combines handmade craftsmanship with the best materials and the most innovative technical materials.
From the expertise of the historic Italian company comes a new way of conceiving the modern saddle as genuinely revolutionary innovation, with the sole purpose of evolving quality and comfort of riding.
The Italian elegance and style of Equiline’s products are combined again in a hand-made, skilful and innovative way, to give life to two lines: one specifically for jumping, the other for dressage.
The result of this activity of style and research, craftsmanship and technology is a line of extremely sought-after saddles, entirely made using high-quality naturally tanned leather that can be tailored to each rider’s needs. Each saddle has our characteristic IGS (Integrated Gel System) and/or FGT (Flat Grip Technology), two of Equiline’s proprietary and patented technologies.
To confirm the quality of our design, every Equiline saddle-tree carries a life-time guarantee, except in case of fractures due to falls. The finishing and hides are guaranteed for two years.
With a Equiline saddle, riders respect both themselves and their horses!
Choices must be made every day.
In Equiline, we decided to apply reason and make choices aimed at supporting technological progress while giving particular attention to the environment:
– We recycle all the raw materials used in the individual production process.
– We don’t pollute because we only use hides that have been naturally treated with aniline.
– 100% of the energy used in our manufacturing facilities comes from renewable sources.

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