Because we love our loyal customers and these helmets so much, we've decided to give one away!!!

All purchases $100 and over will automatically go into our KASK Competition draw! One very lucky winner will receive a KASK LIGHT helmet valued at $823.90!! Of course if the eventual winner chooses to upgrade to a Star Lady, Chrome or unique Swarovski design, the $823.90 will come off the price of their chosen model.

Click here if you want to read more about what makes KASK so good.

Don't forget to check all the model's and options out :)

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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What's so good about KASK I hear you say?

Well where do we start?!! These helmets are just so incredibly light and comfortable you'll forget your wearing one!. Not to mention the rigorous safety tests they endure, going above and beyond the standard. All this while remaining both practical and stylish.

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